Once you've chosen your online (or offline) business, you'll need to direct traffic to your website(s). Many business and marketing newbies have little extra operating cash for advertising. The informative articles and the site links should prove helpful. All the ad sites shown here are free to join and use. Your credit card is never asked for unless you decide to upgrade.

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*** Please note that you cannot use traffic exchanges if you are running AdSense on your website! Google doesn't like it, and you will likely end up forfeiting your AdSense earnings. ***

Traffic Exchanges – Another Free Resource

How are you promoting your web site or blog? Are you taking advantage of free traffic exchanges? If not, you may be missing out on a great resource for site exposure and traffic.

Most traffic exchanges have the option of an upgraded paid membership, but if you don’t have the money, don’t worry about it. The freebie versions still give you tons of advertising. In fact, there are a few other benefits:

• Search engine love. Traffic exchanges have tons of incoming and outgoing links. It’s the stuff that makes search engines giddy with joy. Not literally, of course, but all the links plus all the constantly freshening content helps improve everyone’s standing in searches.

• The more popular the traffic exchange, the higher the page ranking. The higher the page ranking, the more new members join and view your web page.

• When you find a free traffic exchange that works for you, all your conversions are pure profit. The only thing that you invested is your time. Granted, that’s worth something, but are you willing to do it for increased sales?

Really, the only way to know which traffic exchange is best for you and your business is to try a few of them. Try at least a few.

It’s best if you’re offering a product or service that is different somehow from what the herd is showing. If there are a lot of people with exactly the same website or product you have, your chances of conversion success drop substantially. You may want to move on and try another exchange, or change your web page or your offering. Stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Something of extreme importance to note – please pay attention here – DO NOT USE TRAFFIC EXCHANGES IF YOU ARE RUNNING ADSENSE ON YOUR WEBSITE!!! I cannot stress this enough. Google considers the clicks from traffic exchanges to be ‘illegal’ clicks. You will lose all of your AdSense earnings and possibly get banned.

How to Make the Most of Your Classified Ad Postings

If you’ve been reading the previous posts, you already know the merits of online classifieds and how they are a great free resource for marketing your business – big or small. To give yourself the best chance of a good response, you need to make the most of your ad postings.

Here are a few pointers on How to Make the Most of Your Classified Ad Postings

• Make your ad specific and focused. Classifieds are usually small text ads, so you need to be to the point, while writing an eye-catching, call to action piece. Short and sweet is the way to go. If your posting is long, you may lose the reader’s interest, anyway.

• Target your category. Don’t just stick your ad willy-nilly in every category going. Choose the most appropriate ones for the best response results.

• Remember to repost your ad regularly. A lot of people use free classifieds to promote their products and services, and there’s always a fresh supply of incoming advertisers. Every time a new one is added in your category, yours moves down the list. Reposting once you’re off the first page will solve the problem. *Note: some sites won’t allow you to have identical ads in one category, you may have to delete the old one first – don’t forget to copy!

• Use attention grabbing headlines. People will be scanning the ad titles rather than reading them, so your words need to jump out and make them curious to know more. If possible and natural, try to use your keywords in the title so the search engines can find you there, as well.

• State in your ad what your product will do for the customer it’s intended for.

Try these suggestions to see if you notice a difference in the conversion rates of your classified ad postings.

Free Classifieds

Benefits of Free Online Advertising

It’s not hard to figure out the obvious benefits of free online advertising:

· Increased website and blog exposure, which increases product exposure
· Higher search engine ranking due to increased exposure
· Increased sales and potential sales
· Branding – greater product awareness through visibility
· Building of trust and credibility

When you advertise online, your business will reap the benefits of additional clicks from other sites. For example, if someone clicks through from your free classified ad that you’ve put on USFreeAds , the search engines notice that someone from USFreeAds finds your site or blog interesting enough to follow the link. The more it happens, the better. It will increase your favour with the search engines, which in turn will improve your ranking in search results. The closer to the top of the first page of a search you are, the more likely that your site will receive the click from someone searching for your product.

Over time, people get used to seeing your ad. They become less skeptical and are more willing to check out what you have to offer. Your extended visibility lends you some credibility and helps folks to feel more trusting of you and your product. Naturally, what you are selling had better be legal and legitimate.

So, let’s see what we have. Free exposure, free help with the search engines, free branding and bonding. Pretty great - especially for the price. :)

Is there a downside to free online advertising? Well, it does take some time to place the ads, which must be done manually. Also, there is no predicting how much of a response you’ll get. You may also want to critique your ad wording to see if it can be improved and more call to action.

Track your ad campaigns to see what is working for you. Get to know which ad sites and ads are bringing you the highest yield to maximize your sales potential. It won’t cost you anything and you’ll learn a ton that will serve you well in the future of your business.

Online Classified Ads - Take Advantage of Free

It wasn’t long after the invention of the internet that online classified ads were born. It was big deal. Many considered them replacements for traditional print ads, believing that newspaper and magazine advertising would be relegated to the same fate the dinosaurs had. What actually happened though, is that online classifieds and print ads lived a peaceful co-existence and supported each other. Not everyone browsed classifieds online. Not everyone read them in the paper. Using both forms of advertising covered a great deal of the market.

While the two are still used simultaneously today, the trend seems to be favoring online classifieds. Even the print publications are posting their ads online and selling ad space.
There’s no doubt that we are definitely living in an age that is heavily saturated with technology-based living. Now that most people worldwide have computers, the market potential for advertisers is unprecedented and staggeringly high. Whole websites are set up solely for the purpose of showing classifieds. It’s big business, and it presents you with the opportunity to post online classified ads for free to a global audience.

This is terrific, especially for small and web business owners who are working on shoestring budgets for their marketing. Take advantage of these sites. Write up some good text ads (don’t forget SEO) and post them on the
free online classifieds sites that are most suitable to your purpose. You have nothing to lose, they’re free. You do have everything to gain, though.