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How to Make the Most of Your Classified Ad Postings

If you’ve been reading the previous posts, you already know the merits of online classifieds and how they are a great free resource for marketing your business – big or small. To give yourself the best chance of a good response, you need to make the most of your ad postings.

Here are a few pointers on How to Make the Most of Your Classified Ad Postings

• Make your ad specific and focused. Classifieds are usually small text ads, so you need to be to the point, while writing an eye-catching, call to action piece. Short and sweet is the way to go. If your posting is long, you may lose the reader’s interest, anyway.

• Target your category. Don’t just stick your ad willy-nilly in every category going. Choose the most appropriate ones for the best response results.

• Remember to repost your ad regularly. A lot of people use free classifieds to promote their products and services, and there’s always a fresh supply of incoming advertisers. Every time a new one is added in your category, yours moves down the list. Reposting once you’re off the first page will solve the problem. *Note: some sites won’t allow you to have identical ads in one category, you may have to delete the old one first – don’t forget to copy!

• Use attention grabbing headlines. People will be scanning the ad titles rather than reading them, so your words need to jump out and make them curious to know more. If possible and natural, try to use your keywords in the title so the search engines can find you there, as well.

• State in your ad what your product will do for the customer it’s intended for.

Try these suggestions to see if you notice a difference in the conversion rates of your classified ad postings.

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